Chris Savino


Coal: A Cautionary Christmas Tale

Snatched from his home on Christmas Eve, eleven-year-old Charlie Peters is taken to the North Pole where he is forced to work in Santa’s coal mine. There, along with other naughty children, Charlie must endure back- breaking work, battle nasty little elves, resist human/reindeer hybrids, and escape from a hideous beast with a red, glowing nose. But that isn’t all. Charlie discovers a new naughty list—a Permanent Naughty List that traps children in the mines forever. And Charlie is next. In order to go home, Charlie must find the Nice List and write his name on it before it’s too late. Will Charlie Peters change his selfish ways and learn the true meaning of Christmas or will he end up on the Permanent Naughty List, trapped in Santa’s coal mine forever?

Paperback & Kindle Version Both Available for Purchase November 1st, 2019.