Chris Savino

Chris Savino Q&A Session 3

Here we are again, with a few more questions to answer!!

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Carlton asks: “What is your opinion the Loud House fan base?”

A: Well, I haven’t kept up with the fan base for over 2 years now, but what I remember of it, it was great! With so many characters to choose from on the Loud House it was wonderful to have to see which characters people gravitated to and why. It was a dream come true to see so many fans of the show come together and support it through social media by talking about it and even doing some of their own art. It was great to get so many messages of thanks for the show as well. I miss that. But, I am grateful to see some of those fans on my Instagram account

Matthew asks: “What is your biggest pet peeves that you notice in TV animation?”

A: To be honest, I haven’t watched much TV animation in the last couple of years. I really don’t have any pet peeves, per se, but we all have the kinds of shows we like and don’t like.

Matthew also asks: “How often do you use the 4-act structure in a script for a cartoon?”

A: Every time. Whether it’s a 2 minute short or a 90-minute movie, I rely on that structure to help me out. It’s just something I found that works for me. It may not work for everyone. Technically, my acts 2 and 3 are just the typical act 2 cut in half. For me it makes it easier to break the script down into more manageable chunks. I go into detail about all of that in my book that will be coming out late winter/early spring 2020.

Kaiden asks: “Have any sports experiences inspire any Loud House episodes?”

A: I, myself, do not play any sports, but others on the show do, and I am certain that their life’s experiences helped in shaping certain stories for The Loud House.

Kaiden also asks: “Which sport is your favorite and what are you opinions on it?”

A: Honestly, I think CURLING is an amazing sport. So interesting to think that it’s sliding a rock on ice while someone else uses a broom to help the rock slide further or in a certain direction. Strange, but fascinating to watch!!

Kaiden also asks: “What inspired Lynner Takes All?”

A: I can’t be certain, but I believe it was to explore the character of Lynn further. She’s so competitive
and what better way to explore that than a FAMILY GAME NIGHT? (Which personally is the part I like best. I love to see the family all together playing a board game).

Kaiden also asks: “What advice do you have for aspiring writers?”

A: That is a tough question to answer here… but I will give the same answer that I give to aspiring cartoonists as well… don’t stop doing it. The more you do it, the better you will get. That’s a fact. You have to love the art form and be willing to dedicate most of your time doing it. Don’t be afraid to copy the writing you love, which will eventually become a part of your own style.

Kaiden also asks: “What do you think the future holds for sports and animation?”

A: Fortunately, the future looks bright for both of them. I don’t think either is going away any time soon. And just like playing sports in your own yard, you can pretty much make your own animation right from your desktop! No need for big studios or professional sports!

That’s all for now! I look forward to answering more of your questions soon!