Chris Savino

Chris Savino Q&A Session 2

We are only one week away from the launch of my first book COAL a cautionary Christmas tale. To say that I am excited would be a total understatement. Admittedly, I am also a bit scared. Ha. But nonetheless there are questions to be answered so that is what I will focus on today!


Axel from France asks: “Your books on Amazon sound like they are only in Kindle format, do you think you could change it to paperback?”


A: Good news, Axel, COAL is available in paperback! Both Kindle and Paperback versions will be available November 1st. (Amazon only allows pre-order for Kindle at this time). If you enjoy the book I sure would appreciate an honest review on Amazon! Thank you!


Axel also asked: “What is the biggest project you are preparing?”


A: Well, writing books, at least for me, is a huge task, taking me around 6-8 months from idea to first draft. That said, I would say that my comic strip For Brothers is my biggest project in terms of its meaning to me. It means a lot. The website is close to being final and going live soon! I would love to know what you think when it comes out.


Axel also asked: “What are your favorite cartoons and manga?”


A: I honestly haven’t watched cartoons in quite a few years, but the last cartoon that I watched and really loved (and jealous of) was Kappa Mikey. If you haven’t seen it, I totally recommend checking it out. As for manga, the last series I read was Lupin III, by Monkey Punch (?). As for anime, I recently watched “Your Name” and really loved it and watch “Summer Wars” often.


Matthew from Tampa, Florida asked: “What is your writing routine? Do you write every day? And do you set a goal for how much to write every day?”


A: I usually write in the mornings. It’s when my mind is most fertile. I’ll usually think about what I want or need to write for the day while I’m showering (I get my best ideas there). I’m at my computer writing by 7 or 8 am and try to write every day, whether its 50 words or 500 I make sure that I write something, anything. I find I am easily distracted at home, so usually I will venture to a local coffee shop where there is 2 hour parking and force myself to write for at least those 2 hours. If I find myself on a roll, I will go home and continue writing for a bit, but I reserve the later morning for switching gears and focus on projects that involve drawing. I call it a day around noon, jotting down any ideas on my notes app for the next day’s writing.


Estenban asked: “Did you see Saint Seiya on Netflix?”


A: I do not have a subscription to Netflix, so unfortunately I have not. What is it about?


Tyler asked: He “hopes I am serious about my faith…”


A: I am absolutely serious. There are two things that cannot be taken from me: My creativity and my faith. If I was offered back everything I lost if only I would give up my faith, my answer would be no, without hesitation.


Tyler also asked: “Can you tell me anything about John Kricfalusi?”


A: I didn’t know John very well. I only worked with him 6 or 7 months, and to be honest, I don’t think he liked me very much. Regardless, I owe John my entire career. He gave a chance to a 19 year old nobody from Michigan and I will be forever grateful for that. That is why I tried so hard to give opportunities to as many people as I could in my career. Paying it forward. All anyone ever wants is a chance. I got one and I will always strive to give as well.


Kris from Arkansas asks: “What’s your favorite Italian food?”


A: Oh, man. That is so tough to answer. I love a good meatball sandwich, but if I really had to boil it down to one item, I would have to pick Chicken Parmigiana.


Kris also asked: “What’s your favorite character you have ever drawn?”


Mmm… good question. If I was to choose one of my own. I would say I really have fun drawing Bigfoot and Gray. But if I had to choose from shows that I have worked on, I would say Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life. He’s so elastic and fun to pose. You can stretch and squash his model and he still is always Rocko.


Tim from Prince Edward Island asked: “What is your favorite website to visit?”


A: Well, I really don’t spend a lot of time on websites these days. I try to stay off the internet as much as possible and focus on the world in front of me. That said, I really love the bible project. I will visit there every time they put up a new animated video.


Well, that’s all for now. Thank you all for the questions. I hope I answered them to your satisfaction. I will see you next time!


Until then, be well.