Chris Savino

Coal: A Cautionary Christmas Tale


First of all, I want to thank everything for their kind messages and emails (and yes, even the not-so-kind ones). I am so grateful that you all took the time to reach out!

Second, I am thrilled to say that my first book, “COAL a cautionary Christmas tale” is available through Amazon! I am both excited and nervous, but also very proud. I hope that if you do decide to check out COAL, that you enjoy my story. And if you do enjoy it, I would be eternally grateful for an honest review on Amazon.

Third, but no less important, I need your help! I would be so thankful if you, whether you plan on purchasing the book or not, would share this on your own social media (and encourage others to share it as well). Please help me get the word out about COAL, it would mean so much to me!

Again, thank you all for your support on this and my other projects! I hope they bring you as much joy reading them as they did for me writing them!

Naughty or nice, I wish the best for you all this holiday season and look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions about COAL!
Until next time, be well!